Pulsed Power Physics and Technology, Generators and Components

  • High-Voltage Insulation and Components
  • High-Energy Density Storage
  • Opening and Closing Switches
  • Linear Transformer Drivers (LTDs), Pulse Forming Lines and Transformers

  • High-Voltage Power Supplies
  • Pulsed Power Generators and Networks
  • High-Power Electronics

  • Pulsed Power Diagnostics
  • Explosively-Driven Pulsed Power
  • Numerical Modelling and Computational Techniques

Pulsed Power Applications

  • Medical, Biological and Environmental Applications
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Space and Emerging Applications

  • Modulators and Pulsed Magnets for Accelerators
  • Electromagnetic Launchers

High Power Microwaves and RF Sources

  • High Power Microwave Systems and Sources
  • Compact and Repetitive Pulsed Power Systems
  • Non-Linear Transmission Lines (NLTL)
  • THz Technology

  • Fast and Slow Wave Devices
  • Antennas
  • HPEM Effects
  • Numerical Modelling of HPM Systems

High-Energy Density Physics and Technology

  • Z, X-Pinches and Imploding Liners
  • High-Power Diodes
  • High-Power Lasers
  • Fusion related Physics and Technology

  • Large High-Current and High-Energy Systems
  • Equation of State (EOS) and Isentropic Compression Experiments (ICE)

Particle Beam Technology

  • High-Current Accelerators
  • Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources

  • Intense Electron and Ion Beams
  • Free Electron Lasers